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Oregon Non-Residents

Oregon will issue permits to people who are residents of states that border Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada. A non resident from the states listed can go to any sheriff in Oregon and apply. The process is quite simple.  As a non-resident, all you need to do is go to the office of any sheriff in the state and complete the following the state requirements:

1.  Demonstrate firearm competence through a certificate or an affidavit from a certified instructor.  AFT's class, Introduction to Pistol Safety fills this requirement.

2.  Fill out the Oregon Concealed Carry Application for the county in which you are applying, this will be provided by the sheriff.

3.  Submit both of these documents to the sheriff, along with a $40 check for the sheriff's department to process the application and a $15 check for the Oregon State Police to run the background check.

You will be finger printed and your photograph will be taken for your license.  Turn around times can vary.  Your permit will be good for 4 years.

For additional information, check out the Oregon Permit Website.

The requirements for a non-resident to get a permit are below:

1. Citizen of the United States; or Is a legal resident alien who can document continuous residency in the county for at least six months and has declared in writing to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services the intent to acquire citizenship status and can present proof of the written declaration to the sheriff at the time of application for the license

2. 21 or older.

3. Not a convicted felon.

4. Not convicted or found guilty of a misdemeanor.

5. No outstanding warrants for your arrest or free on any form of pretrial release.

6. Demonstrates competence with a handgun per ORS 166.291(f).

This can be done through taking our course Introduction to Pistol Safety.  

If you have questions about our course, feel free to email us at or call the helpline at (540) 288-4262. A member of our staff will be available to help you or will return your call as soon as possible.