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Introduction to Pistol Safety is a web-based safety course for everyone from new enthusiasts to seasoned firearms experts. It covers essential aspects of gun safety such as handling, loading and unloading, transportation, and storage. Because firearms safety is of such vital importance, the entire class is offered free of charge. We give away thousands of classes every year in all 50 states, including many right here in Ohio. Go ahead and try it today by clicking the green button on the right.

About Our Course

Filmed in a professional production studio, Introduction to Pistol Safety provides an engaging and entertaining way to help you explore gun safety. We believe that if the course is of the best possible quality, then the content will be more gripping and memorable. The topic of gun safety is important both for Ohio and for our nation. With good training and regular practice, together we can reduce accidental firearms injuries.

The class is divided into six sections: Parts of a Handgun, Ammunition, Handling Safety, Handgun Operation, Storing and Transporting, and Shooting Fundamentals. Each section is followed by a short multiple choice quiz. At the end of the course there is a test with questions from each section to ensure that you have a good grasp of the concepts. You may review the course and retake the quizzes and test as many times as you like until you feel comfortable with the material.

How the Class Works

Because Introduction to Pistol Safety is web-based, there is no need to download anything or install any special software. The entire gun safety class can be completed right here in your browser. You can view the course on a computer, a smart phone, a tablet, or any combination that is most convenient. And you don’t need to complete the course all at once. If you have limited time or get interrupted, we will remember your place until you come back. Just log in from your device and pick up right where you left off.

We want to you succeed in your pursuit of safer handling and use of handguns. Whether you are aiming at recreational shooting, personal protection, or better safety in the home, American Firearms Training wants you to have the knowledge and habits to stay safe. Give our free course a try. Signup is quick and easy, and you can be starting the class in just a minute from now. Good luck and shoot safe!

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If you have questions about our course, feel free to email us at info@shootsafe.org or call the helpline at (540) 288-4262. A member of our staff will be available to help you or will return your call as soon as possible.