Virginia Resident Permit Process

AFT offers a great way to get your concealed carry permit in Virginia! Our class, Introduction to Pistol Safety, includes everything you need to know to get your concealed carry permit in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Here's the best part, it can all be done online in under ninety minutes.  Our online course Introduction to Pistol Safety is by far the most popular method to satisfy the educational requirements to get your concealed pistol permit. The class itself is all online and free, however the completion certificate costs only $49.99.

Process to get your Resident Concealed Carry Permit

It has become increasingly simple in Virginia to get your resident concealed carry permit. Here are the state requirements:

1. Establish gun safety knowledge - This can be done in many ways per the Virginia code...the most popular methods are:
     -  Take an online class such as our Introduction to Pistol Safety online class
     -  Take an in-person class by a certified instructor
     -  Present a DD214 document showing past military experience.

2.  Fill out the Virginia Concealed Carry Application and take it down to the clerk of the court's office in the city or county where you live along with the certificate of completion from your safety class, your DD214, or other gun safety knowledge proving document that is approved by Virginia.

3.  Pay the clerk of the court the processing and background check fees and they will send off your application to the Virginia State Police.

4.  If granted, your permit should show up in the mail within 45 days and is good for five years.

* Fingerprinting is no longer required in Virginia for residents of the state.

Have questions?  We are happy to help.  Give us a call at the number below, and one of our team members will help you out.

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