Privacy Policy

Training to obtain a concealed carry permit is a very personal decision, and your information will always be safe with us.  We will not sell or give away your contact information to any third party, or otherwise allow it to be shared.  We maintain information security protocols that are above standard for any e-commerce site, and will always do so.  Any payment information is handled by the largest and most secure merchant services provider (, and is never stored on our servers.  You can do business with us with confidence. 

We will never forget what you, the customer, means to us.

Thank you for your business,


Eric Korn

President & CEO

American Firearms Training

If you have questions about our course, feel free to email us at, or call the helpline at (540) 288-4262 between 8am and 6pm EST, M-F. A member of our staff will be available to help you, or will return your call as soon as possible.