Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

Iowa's handgun laws are constantly changing, although every effort has been made to ensure that the below posted laws are current, American Firearms Training Corp. cannot be held liable for misuse of this information. To find the most up to date information, please visit

The State of Iowa will only grant a Professional Non-resident Permit to a qualifying applicant. For qualification requirements please see below:

Applications for permits to carry weapons will be considered by the Iowa Department of Public Safety as follows:

1.Applicants must be nonresidents of Iowa or state employees whose need to go armed
is based on their state employment. [§724.11]


1. Professional permits to carry will only be issued to qualified applicants if their need to go
armed is employment based and is a critical element in the protection of life and property.

2. Non-Professional permits to carry will only be issued to:
Nonresident correctional officers and other public officials, other than law  enforcement officers, who are currently employed fulltime in the administration of criminal justice
other nonresidents with a demonstrable viable threat to themselves or their family as verified by a law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the threat occurred.

Iowa Administrative Code:

4.4(4) Nonresidents of Iowa who wish to obtain a permit to carry weapons shall apply to the

The applicant shall:

Submit a fully and accurately completed application;

Submit a certificate of completion of a training program that includes qualifying on a firing range;

Submit two completed fingerprint cards;

Comply with the requirements of the Code;

Pay a fee as established by the Code;

Display an identification card as defined in rule 661—4.1(724).

4.4(5) Prior to issuing the permit, the commissioner shall determine that the applicant is not a
convicted felon, or otherwise prohibited from possessing or acquiring a firearm under either Iowa or
federal law, by running a NICS check through the IOWA system. If the commissioner determines that a
permit will be issued to a nonresident, the commissioner may restrict or limit the authority granted by
the permit.

4.4(6) Nonresidents who wish to renew a permit to carry weapons shall reapply for the permit in
the same manner and by the same procedures as provided in subrule 4.4(4). The renewal fee is established
by the Code.

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